Saw a good article online the other day. thought I'd share.

Sometimes, people have to draw a line somewhere. You can't just let it go on endlessly. He's seen his borderline, and he has no intension getting across it. Therefore, He drew the line right there and then. But if you go across the line, sorry, I think you've entered the no return zone. I don't think he can help you to get back. You are on your own from now. If you can make it back, let him know, and him will greet you with both arms.

When you start to think "us" more than you think "them"...let him know.
When you consider him more than you consider them...let him know.
When you can do things without anyone else involved...let him know.
When "Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours." means something to you...let him know.

Before then, just stay where you are and leave him peace.

Aerosmith - Draw The Line Lyrics

Checkmate honey, beat you at your own damn game
No dice honey, I'm livin' on a astral plane
Feet's on the ground, and your head's goin' down the drain
Oh, heads I win, tails you lose, to the never mind
When to draw the line

A Indian summer, Carrie was all over the floor
She was a wet net winner, and rarely ever left the store
She'd sing and dance all night, and wrong all the right outa me
Oh, pass me the vile and cross your fingers, it don't take time
Nowhere to draw the line

Hi ho silver, we were singin' all your cowboy songs
Oh, you told Carrie, and promised her you wouldn't be long
Heads I win, tails you lose, lord it's such a crime
No dice honey, you the salt, you're the queen of the brine
Checkmate honey, you're the only one who's got ta choose
Where to draw the line

Checkmate, don't be late
Take another pull
That's right impossible
When you got to be yourself
You're the boss of the toss
The dice, the price
Grab yourself a slice
Know where to draw the line

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